Processing of personal data 

Gipro Stockholm AB conducts trade in components. The company is primarily aimed at the manufacturing industry. 

Gipro Stockholm AB is responsible for processing the personal data relating to the Customer and which Gipro Stockholm AB collects for the continuance of Gipro Stockholm AB’s operations. GIPRO Stockholm AB handles personal information in accordance with applicable law. 

Gipro Stockholm AB processes personal data in the form of name, phone number, e-mail, title, address of the workplace and such. 

Gipro Stockholm AB’s purpose with the processing of personal data is for communication within business relationship, order management, marketing activities and the provision of high service levels. The personal data is processed on the basis of that it for Gipro Stockholm AB is necessary for the performance of contracts, or to take action by the Customer's request, before entering into a contract. In addition, the legal basis for processing personal data consists of balancing interests, in which Gipro Stockholm AB’s legitimate interest consists of for example information - and marketing purposes. 

The customer's personal data may be transferred to other companies such as accounting companies. The personal data is transferred to uphold Gipro Stockholm AB’s accounting. However, this company only has access to such personal data that are necessary for them to be able to carry out their obligations and they enter into agreements with Gipro Stockholm AB where they undertake not to use the personal data for other purposes. 

Gipro Stockholm AB stores the customer's data in order to fulfill the agreement and to deliver purchased/sold goods and to fulfill the responsibility for the goods sold; to fulfill legal obligation under guarantee commitment, liability obligation or limitation period: 
To communicate within the framework of our services, your name, email address and telephone number are handled. This processing is necessary to maintain a business relationship between us and you as a customer. The processing takes place during the contract and responsibility period and is necessary in order to be able to comply with the applicable regulations and legislation on warranty commitments, liability commitments and limitation periods. 

Gipro Stockholm AB stores customer’s information to fulfill legal obligation under the Accounting Act: 
In order to maintain correct accounting and liability, your name, telephone number and email address will be handled. This processing is necessary in order for us to comply with applicable rules on archiving according to the applicable accounting law. The processing takes place for a maximum of 7 years or any longer time required by the applicable accounting law. 

Furthermore, Gipro Stockholm AB may collect and handle your name, title, phone number and e-mail address if you are a representative of a company and we believe that our goods are of interest to you in your professional role. We collect information through corporate websites, references, clients and partners. The data is handled to market our goods via the appropriate channel. The processing is based on the fact that we have a legitimate interest in marketing our goods to potential interested parties. If you do not want us to process your information for these purposes, you can notify us by contacting Gipro Stockholm AB as below for deregistration. The processing continues until we no longer judge that our goods are of interest to you or until you have refused to be contacted. 

You have the right to request access to and correction or deletion of personal data or limitation of processing relating to you by Gipro Stockholm AB. You also have the right to object to processing and a right to request data portability. 

Customer who wants to contact Gipro Stockholm AB regarding the processing of personal data relating to the Customer can contact Gipro Stockholm AB via mail or e-mail as follows: 

Patrik Johansson, Folkungagatan 63, SE-116 22 Stockholm, , +46854584534. 

If the Customer is discontented with Gipro Stockholm AB’s processing of personal data, the Customer may submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Inspectorate, or to the corresponding authority in the country where the Customer lives or works.